Carbon Black Dispersion Apparatus

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester


Kaiser Carbon Black Dispersion Tester is used to find out the dispersion of additives e.g. pigments, fillers in plastics. In plastic material, pigment and fillers play a very important role for matching the uniform colours as well as resistance against UV Light.


This equipment is also useful for determination of surface defects, voids, bubbles filler distribution and other structural investigation.


Magnification 100X, 450X 100X, 450X
Light source Halogen lamp 6-12 Volt Halogen lamp 6-12 Volt
Screen 6" 6"
Photography N.A. Digital Camera With 10X eye piece & photomicrography addapter
Image Analysis N.A. Imported software provided for graphical analysis of image .
Hot plate Thermostatically operated hot plate with 8" dia meter and on/off switch
 /th> projection microscope, with 6" diameter screen, built-in variable halogen
  lamp, light with special rack and penion and mechanical arrangement.
Supply 230 V AC/50HZ