OIT apparatus, Thermal analizer, OIT machine, Oxidation induction tester

OIT Oxidation Induction Tester



The "Kaiser" differential thermal analyzer apparatus is designed to measure effect of temperature versus time to different polymers.


Thermal analyzer apparatus has found wide acceptance in the plastic industry for quality control and basic material characterization. Thermal analysis techniques are used to study the behaviour of materials towards the heat as a function at temperature and time. Applying this technique we can get quantitative information and many aspects of the material's reaction to heat.


The "Kaiser" thermal analyzer apparatus or oxidation induction test apparatus is controlled with a uniquely designed microprocessor based instruments which indicates process temperature with accuracy of +- 0.1 deg C and delta temperature with a least count 0.001 deg. C.

Software designed to suit the various applications of thermal analysis, which gives the graph of delta temperature versus time and process temperature versus time. Software offers the comprehensive easy to use package for all aspects of control, acquisition and analysis. It incorporates all the excellent features to find out oxidation induction time and melting point at any of the material within the temperature range of 0 to 400 deg. C./p>


Temperature Range 0 to 400 deg.C
Heating rate Selectable
Cooling rate To ambient within 15 to 20 min.
Gas switching Automatic
Cell Puf insulated made up of copper
Crucible Size 6mm X 2mm (alluminium & copper)
Interface RS 232
Software Versatile for OIT and D.S.C.
Body Top S.S plate and outer body M.S with powder coating
Power Supply 230V AC, 50Hz. (spike free)
Dimension 36" X 18" X 28"
Net Weight 45kgs


Temp. of "Kaiser" shrinkage tester is controlled with PID programmable temperature
Controller and energy regulator.
S.S. Top plate with uniform necking arrangement.


The "Kaiser" shrinkage tester is used to measure the shrinkage propert of film at specified temperature