Muffle Furnece

Muffle Furnace


  • Double walled with double insulation for minimum heat leakage & faster temperature rise.
  • The outer casing made of thick CRC powder coated
  • Heating chambers consist of rectangular horizontal totally enclosed muffle bracket
  • Heating elements are made of Nichrome/Kanthal wise wounded externally on the muffle
  • Temperature controlled by Micro Processors based Digital temperature Indicator cum Controller with CS/AI sensor.
  • Maximum temperature 1000 Deg.C. working temp. 900 Deg.C.
  • Various models with different temperature ranges are available.


Size 4" X 4" X 9" 6" X 6" X 12"
Temperature Controller Digital PID Controller with Resolution of 1oC & Accuracy of 1oC
Temperature Range Ambient to 1000oC
Heating Load 2 KW
Material Construction Mild Steel body
Accessories Related Glassware
Paint Powder Coating
Power Supply 230 V AC / 50Hz