Testing Equipments For DWC Pipe

  • Analog Single Station VSP Test Apparatus with Cooling System.
  • Resistance to Di-Chloromethane Test Apparatus for 400mm PVC Pipe.
  • S.S Oil Bath-19x15x24
  • Melt Flow Index Tester (A Method).
  • Digital Density Tester with Weighing Balance.
  • Sheet Molding Press with Cooling System for Density Test Sample Preparation (Mini Hot Press).
  • Digital Hydrostatic Pressure Testing Panel With 4 Stations and 12 Outlets for Pipes (Airless System).
  • S.S Hot Water Bath-72x48x48
  • Hot Air Circulating Oven (Reversion Test) 24" x 24" x 24".
  • 2.5 Ton Computerized Twin Screw Compression Machine with attachments to carry out
    (a) Compression Test (b) Creep Ratio Test (c) Ring Flexibility Test
    (d) Ring Stiffness Test with Manual Operation to Give Initially Load as per IS-16098 Part-II
  • End Fittings