Environment Stress Crack Resistance Test Apparatus(ESCR)

ESCR Test Apparatus

ESCR Test Apparatus

ESCR Test Apparatus




"Kaiser" ESCR is used for determining the susceptibility of ethylene plastics, to Environmental Stress Cracking when subjected to certain conditions. Bent specimens of plastic having controlled imperfections are exposed to the action of a surface active agent These tests are normally employed for routine inspection purpose.


Environmental stress cracking is a property that is highly dependent upon the nature and level of the Stress applied and on the termal history of the specimen. This equipment consists of a heating bath to hold water or surface active liquid used for the test


Bath Size Inner Bath Size 12" X 18" X 10" & Outer Size 14" X 20" X 12"
Material Construction Inner Bath Stainless Steel outer Bath Mild Steel body.
Temperature Controller Microprocessor Based digital Auto tune PID controller with range up to
  150oC Resolution of 0.1oC & accuracy of +/- 0.5oC
Heating Load 2 KW
Circulation Induction motor with Stirrer
Testing Capacity Six Test at a time
Accessories Cutting Die,Nicking Jig, bending cum Transfer tool and Aluminum Foil
  Specimen holder, Test tube and rubber cork-6 nos. each.
Special Features Front side Glass and door facality for easy visibility ( As per requirement)
Paint Powder Coating
Power Supply 230V AC,1 Phase,50 HZ
Standard ASTM D 1693