Emitting Pipes For Irrigation

Emitting Pipes For Irrigation

Flow Path Rate Machine


  • 32 Pot available in this machine.
  • 0.25 HP Water Pump attach with machine.
  • Pressure Gauge 6” Dial 0-4 Kg/cm² range and 0.2 Kg resolution.
  • Water Pressure through reputed make self priming pump.
  • Digital Timer facility available in Machine
  • Material Construction: Stainless Steel Body.
  • Rigid Mild Steel Angular Structure with Paint and Power Coating.
  • Pressure: Through reputed make water pump with manifold and ball valves system.
  • Electrical Power Supply : 230 V AC. 50 Hz
  • Easy rack system to move cylinder tray immediate after completion of test for precise results.


25 no’s plastic reputed make cylinder with liquid level marking as per standard and 25 no’s plastic funnels mounting on cylinders.